A district run by an oligarchy consisting of various business leaders. Although it is a government only in the sense that it maintains and records all contracts and maintains a police force to intervene and punish people who break them.
Contracts are basically agreements between two individuals of sound mind.These Contracts can be any deal you can think of, from simple business transactions to more complicated transactions involving subjective and intangible concepts such as love and friendship. For example, a lonely man may pay a person good money to be their best friend for a set time period, whether it be a minute or until death. Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and property under the greater contract, but these can be negotiated away. Someone once let himself be killed and literally eaten in exchange for the murderer and cannibal to ensure his wife and children had all of their basic human needs accounted for. The Gulgan council did nothing. After all, both parties agreed to the contract and both parties fulfilled their end of the bargain.

Basically it’s an extreme libertarian society.

-Lee Fairweather

Most bizarre contract -
The Juliet and Romeo – Many years ago a young couple sign into a love contract. As young lovers they didn’t pay attention to the death do you part clause. As years go by well into adult the blooming romance went a complete 180 as they utterly despised one another. They both found true love in other ppl bit were legally bound together, fueled by vile hate for won another because they couldn’t follow their hearts unless the other was dead, both took out separate hit man squad contracts on each other. For years the couples along with their assassin teams fought it out in the streets but no one would ever be met the fatal strike. Now elderly and beyond bitter they’re forced to live on opposite side of the city becoming a perverse backwards version on Romeo and Juliet, hence the backwards title´╗┐


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