Zdravko Mas



Character Details
Head resembles that of a black dragon
Scaly skin
Scar across left eye
Usually wearing hand wraps and body armour

Acid Breath
Once per hour, Drav can vomit up around a litre of highly acidic fluid which clocks in at about .7 pH. He can’t spit very far, barely making it past arm’s reach, but that’s usually enough.

Enchanced Strength
Drav is much stronger than any human has a right to be. Then again, he’s also possibly not human. While he’s not going to be tossing busses and ripping through vault doors, he can put a decent crack in a brick wall, and when he hits, he hits like a freight

Enhanced Durability
In addition to strength, Drav is abnormally tough. He heals slightly faster than most humans, but not super-humanly so. His big advantage is the combination of his hide, constitution and pure willpower. Drav can take a beating and keep going, and has fought his way through broken bones, punctured lungs, and multiple gunshots wounds in the past.


District 9 Kingpin
You command an army of the district’s worst criminals
Including the Wang Gang

Haven Kingpin
You command all of Havens leading crime lords

As long as your actions involve destroying or using the environment to fulfill your objective you gain a +1RS to odds of success.

Affiliated with
Safe Haveners & Deftude


Zdravko Mas was born in District 9 The Slum, and was clearly not normal from birth. Namely, he was mutated to hell and back. He had thick scales instead of skin, a draconic head, and, as his mother learned the hard way, could spit acid. He was taken in by Nilam, an ageing Wardinary who ran an alleged legal underground fight club. Seeing potential in the young boy, Nilam trained him in his own special mix of martial arts. Drav took to these arts quickly, and became Nilam’s centerpiece fight. One night, however, the District 9 cops pulled a raid on Nilam’s club, most likely due to bribes from a rival club. All the staff and fighters were killed, save for Drav. After massacring those who raided the bar and shot Nilam, he proceeded to clean out the other two locations he deemed the likely suspects.
Drav now serves as muscle for whoever will pay him the right price, while also working towards his own vendetta, which has extended to the entirety of law enforcement, and to some extent, all those that support them.
Drav is well-trained in almost all forms of weaponry, although his personal favourites are clubs and fists.

Zdravko Mas

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