Vulcan Almighty (pending)



Vulcan Almighty is a man who has practiced the ways of magic to create a sort of bridge between what is science and what is magic. Two different areas that Vulcan studied under the teachings of Dr. Scriller where he learned the Pannet theory. After the Grenfall event occurred Vulcan Almighty was gifted with the power to manipulate magic. This was how Scriller could prove the theory of Pannet which would occur Vulcan to obtain Antimatter energy infused into his magic manipulation.

Vulcan Almighty’s Occupation is : Scientist and Mage

Always trying to push how much he can learn
A dork
Nice guy

Defensive Antimatter magic : Extrasensory Clones, Energy Reflection, Psychosomatic Illusion

Offensive Antimatter magic : Magic Bolts, Magic Vortexes, Magic Bombs

Personal Domain: Vulcan Almighty from the teachings of the Pannet theory he learn how to redirect Antimatter to create his own dimensional domain where he can learn how to use his magic more thoroughly and plan strategic ways to battle.


Vulcan Almighty (pending)

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