Virus Baseborn

Rank: high


Character Details
Eye Color-Green
Hair Color-Black
Hair style- Medium length anime type
Body Type-Slim muscular build.


Elemental Manipulation
The ability to manipulate Air, Earth, Water, and Fire causing storms/natural
disasters such as but not limiting blizzards,thunderstorms, tidal waves,
earthquakes. Also the ability to use the elements to form objects as weapons
or create barriers for protection

The ability to use telekinetic powers to be able to control
objects, Able to use telekinetic powers to levitate

Combat Mastery
Profound hand to hand, melee, and swordsmanship skills

When searching for something or someone in your storyphase you get a +1RS


A orphan turned street rat after discovering the sick twisted motive of the Care Takers. Selling the children to the highest bidder for………well whatever they like. Willing to do whatever it takes for survival but still has core morals to not harm the innocent, but enjoys bringing a harsh justice to those like the “care takers”.
Virus has had memories of his mutation prior to the Great Gamma Event but did not understand this deja vu . Enraged by the actions of the Care Takers his mutation was awoken. He still has much to learn and his abilities are far from his final form.

Virus Baseborn

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