Selena Rend



Character Details
An ageless greater entity released from the Abyss and bound to current female vessel by way of Ivan Baccarra in exchange for it and it’s cohorts assistance.

“Attractive short and toned youthful woman with long blonde straight flowing hair and deep majestic blue eyes with a charming smile.
White sleeveless shirt, comfortably tight denim blue jeans held in place with a brown leather belt and clean white tennis shoes.
Body adorned head to toe with jewelry made of various metals and set with fine stones of all colors and cuts.”

Greater Abyssal Entity: The Abyss is the natural domain of this being and it can fully navigate and survive within unhindered unless acted upon. Has the ability to sense and/or siphon life energy from others to sustain it’s own. Has vast knowledge of the entities, energies, natural laws ect. of the Abyssal realm and can manipulate within the bounds of aforementioned laws.

Lesser Abyssal Dominion Greater
Has the ability to command lesser beings of like kind from the Abyssal Realm.

The ability to magically imbue or remove various metaphysical properties of choice to and/or from objects permanently or temporarily.

Greater Abyssal Entity
Selena is growing into her power now that she has been free. Automatic Passive +1RS Bonus and can never fall below Average Rank.
(Passive bonus already factored into current rank)


Selena Rend

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