Rezinoc Fenrius



Character Details
Hair – Short, Styled, brown
Body – Well-toned, 6ft
Eyes – When looking into Rezinoc’s eyes you see the galaxy
Personality – Playful and good-hearted nature that disguises his true self which is a cold, calculating genius

Abilities (No Keyword Option)
Altered-Elantheer DNA (Rezinoc 2.0)
Rezinoc’s natural ability to analyze and adapt has been modified by Deftude and merged with The Instigator’s mutation codex. Now embodying all mutations in the codex, Rez instinctively mutates and adapts to survive, as the Elantheer are known for.

Power Manifestation (Altered DNA)
Rezinoc is capable manifesting mutations in himself and others. He can trigger their own DNA to react to his granting a bonus to himself or a penalty to others.

Phoenix Rising – Elantheer Mutation
After any defeat, Rezinoc’s alien DNA will mutate and adapt making himself more resilient toward what defeated him. Rezinoc obtains an alien advantage specifically designed for what defeated him and becomes a keyword until defeated again.


Rezinoc has always been extremely smart but after the gamma explosion that intelligence became superhuman. This has allowed his abilities to manifest in interesting ways. He doesn’t view himself as a hero, and is entirely selfish in his actions. He uses others to accomplish goals and if they want him to lead them then so be it. He is aspiration complete understanding and eventual control of Gamma Haven. The combination of this three abilities allows him to retain and reuse the powers that he encounters.

Rezinoc Fenrius

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