R-Type X

Rank: Superhuman


Energy Manipulation
Ryu’s energy mastery allows him to create energy constructs, release waves, and accelerate healing energies

Martial Arts Mastery
Ryu can perform multiple forms of hand to hand combat and with improvised weapons

Libra is a special trait inherited by Ryu. It grants the ability to compartmentalize memories and enhances his senses. Libra is also mysteriously linked to his sword


-The Wanderer
There is no place Ryu cannot end up. Ryu can send his clones to any event that is taking place in an area RType knows about. But they can only be his eyes and ears, No Libra.
Expanded Libra: While at Superhuman Rank the clones can use Libra.


Interview with AllDatJazz
AllDatJazz states: Our King, R-Type X earned the famous (infamous depending on where you stood) title of “Ryu no Sengoku”. A slight play on his birth name and also in reflection on of how one man became the god-like beast that quelled the warring nations with his own fists! One Man Army? Try One Man WORLD ARMY! He was….Divine.
But I was around him during this time and as glorious as the world makes it out to be, I’m still uneasy as to whether Ryu didn’t lose something truly important….Yea I know of the losses and Xemina, the greatest loss….But him, I’m talking about Ryu. He lost something, and the fact that we, especially all of Rhaelagar knows it. It’s why the people have supported him as he wanders the world instead of ascending to his throne, even against the Old Ones trying so desperately not to allow it…The 13 Divisions are thankfully holding those decrypted bastards at bay, but given free reign, I don’t know what the Old Ones would have us mixed up in. I need Ryu to find what he’s looking for and soon…

The Great Gamma Calamity (Prequel)
-Destroyed the Gamma Fiend

Season 1
-Won Haven’s Strongest 1st Tournament title
-Ascends using the “Fulfillment” energy
-Killed Makai Fuuneochi

R-Type X

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