Omnimus (pending)



Omnimus is an anomaly that serves the greater good. Omnimus exists to imprison those who seek to do evil and empower those who do good. Omnimus is a Rook in the scheme of the universe he serves to protect and assist. Omnimus was tasked by an unknown figure to protect the Earth from the evil forces seeking to enslave it. He knows what the tank is, who were the ones that created it, and what it was created for.

No eyebrows no mouth
When using his powers the cosmos displays on his entire body
He has a blank personality"

Fusionism – can fuse with another character for entire phase, can fuse items to make a more powerful item, can fuse natural energies of the universe with another player’s abilities.

Maxum Power – Omnimus can create cosmic construct that can imprison his targets even if the target is a spirit, Cosmic Awareness can help Omnimus understand all things in the universe, Cosmic Attacks Omnimus can attack his opponents with miniaturized stars

Regeneration – due to all the power Omnimus can contains he has to cool down and regenerate his cosmic energy


Omnimus (pending)

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