Nom Ke Ai



Character Details
Nom has 2 different colored eyes one lavender and the other gold. When in fight mode she can generate golden flames on her arms and legs.
Her birthday August 18th and she is roughly 23 looking.
Mocha complexion.
Big poofy pigtails

Secret Discipline
She comes from a moderately well-off family and studied a martial art that incorporates and utilizes tarot mastery and has done so since the age of 3 and has the ability to command a zen-like level of concentration and calm self and focus on the surrounding area for enhanced clarity. Her ability to understand and interpret tarot cards leaves her with an almost OCD like obsession with using them to guide decisions.

Can omit EMPs at short range and generate nuclear fire around her hands and feet to empower her strikes. Prolonged exposure to her causes gradual nuclear harm to people in her surroundings. She can focus this effect to make it more intense. Empowered by this nuclear energy she becomes charged with strength and speed.

Problematic Mutation Symptoms
Must be constantly active. Most of the time she spins rings on her fingers and does card tricks (cardistry) with tarot cards
May only generate a certain amount of nuclear energy at a time before causing damage to herself.
Emotions such as anger can cause this to go out of control. When she is losing control her eyes glow dimly, getting brighter with an increased lack of control, eventually crying golden tears. At golden tears point, she begins to take internal damage.
Deftude’s Tutelage
When trying to improve your own abilities through training and or education, Deftude will provide his masterful teaching thus increasing the chances of success and will lead to better improvements

You and everyone your allied with get a +2 RS to odds of success as long as it involves a strategy that involves you

Cognitive Tarot Augmentation
Nom Kei Ai is a novice user of cognitive manipulation allowing her to capture personalities and create safe havens within her own mind.


Nom is from a middle-class family and has noticed the shenanigans happening in the city. Estranged from her parents because she fell in with a rough crowd. Fast money, fast women, and lots. She was an escort since she was 16 years old and has developed a taste for the expensive life. She is also highly charismatic and can easily influence people. She is looking to get in with the high and dangerous part of society. She is willing to kill a few people to get to the top but aspires to be a shot caller as opposed to a flunky. Obsessed with her tarot cards and believes that they have the ability to guide her to her true path in life.

“Dangerous…nah I’m harmless mostly. Just trying to make my way to
the top one way or another. I’m no more dangerous than your friendly
neighborhood vigilante.
leans in
But you, now I could sit here and listen to you talk forever. Has anyone
ever told you that you sound like a perfect afternoon?”

Nom Ke Ai

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