Void Makai Fuuneochi

Rank: High


Undead Makai is Makai’s soul inside the sanctified body of Tetsuya Fuuneochi the Beast King

Undead Chi Manipulation +Mental
Control over his mutated chi allows Undead Makai to sense chi, emit chi as well transform it placing him into an empowered state

Chi Beast 8 Gram
Tetsuya Fuuneochi was the master over the sacred Nebu Chi Beasts. Patron creatures of Nebu lore that harbor immense chi based power as well as granting those who tame them great power.

Combat Specialist
Undead Makai is highly trained and deadly combat specialist

-Serenity Fuuneochi
The Orphan you adopted has a mysterious aura. And is a major plot device.

-Inspired by Vengence
+1RS to mutant rank. Makai’s soul is imbued with the soirit of vengeance

Abyssal Bound
Undead Makai is bound by a sacred contract with Ivan Baccarra. Upon breaching the contract the character will be destroyed instantly.

Nebu Symbol
The return of Tetsua is the return of nebu power. When you are victorious in your actions Nebu will be victorious geo politically as well.



The Great Gamma Calamity (Prequel)
-Enacted revenge on Bloodvein Dynasty destroying them

-Adopted Serenity Fuuneochi
-Killed by [[S1EP7: Gate Crasher | S1EP7: Gate Crasher]]
-Reborn by way of Ivan Baccarra into the body of Tetsuya Fuuneochi

Void Makai Fuuneochi

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