Looper Kin



Character Details
Looper is a 5ft 5”, stocky Wardinary with dark hair, eyes, and skin. As with most (law abiding) Wardinaries, he has no flashy tech-enhancements, and no implants. Day-to-day, Looper can be found wearing his WWC-issued red officer uniform: stun-baton, cuffs, and kinetic impact sidearm assigned to his belt.

Enhanced Physical Genetics
Most born in Western Ward are descendents of the mineworkers, and as such have various
genetic differences to that of their typical terran-cousins, including above average strength. Looper is not a superhuman by any means, but like his brothers and sisters of the Ward, he is shorter, stockier, and possesses an ability to run faster, jump higher, and lift more than other terran’s (without the aid of cybernetics or stimulants). This also has the added benefit of being
able to take a hard beating without heavy internal injury and broken bones.

Night Vision
The second most-known trait Wardinaries possess is night vision, one more akin to that of a nocturnal animal than the green perfection of a military scope.

Extensive Firearm Training
Looper enrolled in the Western Ward Constabulary at the age of eighteen, and has been a cop ever since. Due to this, he has extensive tactical and firearm training.
SteelBlocks Card
Looper is SteelBlocks’ favorite constable from the Western Ward Constabulary and have provided him with unlimited free goods and services.

Looper Survival
While in the Western Ward, The odds of Looper’s survival leans in his favor. If the location of the event is unspecified, you can declare the location is in the WWC to enable this perk. The rank gap to required to kill Looper becomes 4 as opposed to 3.

Rogue of Hope
While with Marshal and Jacob, “Looper’s survival” perk applies to any location.

Edge Interrogator
Looper can beat the information he wants out of his captives leading him to his goals most of the time.


The 77th Cycle Season 1
Looper was one of few GTypes trying to fight against the unstoppable chaos of the Emerald Prophecy.

Born and raised in Western Ward The 13th District (nicknamed ‘Wardinaries’), Looper Kin was going to follow in his father’s footsteps, working in the mines of Ward Wreck for most likely the entirety of his life. This wasn’t to be however. At the age of fifteen, Looper witnessed the murder of a childhood friend at the age; something that would change the trajectory of his life forever. Looper’s friend had been caught up in the gangbangers world of crime and drugs that many in the ‘13 district’ turned too. As such, their murderer was never caught – their innocence likely the result of greased palms and blind eyes. At the age of eighteen, Looper enrolled in the Western Ward Constabulary (WWC), determined to make a difference both outside of the system, and within.

That was twenty-years ago, and now, as a nearly forty-year old beat cop working the streets of Western Ward, Looper is more than aware that the naivety of his teen years had given him a false sense of the changes one man could make. Divorced, living alone, and facing death at the hands of reprobates and gangsters nearly everyday, Looper has just about reached the end of his tether.

Notable Recent Events in Looper’s Life

  • Ward Wreck, the sole owner of the Western Ward have sold the entire 13th district to one of the largest corporations in Haven, Atlas Corp. This means that Looper’s time with the Western Ward Constabulary may be coming to an end. Though he has no evidence of Atlas Corp. being suspicious, Looper cannot see this as being a good thing, and worries about how things may change.
  • The head of the most prolific Western Ward gang, the Caretakers is killed. This leaves a vacuum in the district, and the biggest rival gang, led by Noxious Wong is about to attempt a take-over. Knowing Looper was witness to the killing of the Caretakers’ leader, and investigating the case, Noxious Wong and his Wang Gang want Looper silenced.

Looper Kin

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