Kay McVay

Rank: Average


Character Details
McKay’s roots are unknown as much of his childhood was spent with the now outlawed religious cult, The Pioneers, who fell after a militaristic interference that many argue was more of an extermination than a dispersal of the group. A young teenager sheltered and brainwashed for so long by The Pioneers, McKay became nomadic, endlessly wandering from home to home looking for purpose while still closely following The Pioneer ways in secret. Now as a young adult, McKay meditates frequently and is close in touch with the ethereal world accessed by the cult which deemed them a military threat leading to their extermination.



Ethereal State
Gain access to the ethereal world. Can temporarily turn
to a dark smoke and move stealthily but cannot interact
with people or objects while in this state

The Pioneer’s Link Takena Soul Conduit
Uses the ethereal world to create illusions and tamper with
people’s sense of reality
Takena Soul Conduit- While in the robes Kay can become a stronger conduit of takena soul magic and manipulate where souls are transferred to.

Pioner’s Whip
Once used as a torture mechanism by the Pioner cult, Kay wears a whip tatoo on his left arm which becomes a physical whip as necessary. Mastered this tool as a precise and accurate weapon to attack and grab objects


The 77th Cycle Season 1
Kay McVay allied himself with the Servi Dei cult rekindling an old alliance. He is given the title of “The Finder” who’s sole responsibility is to locate the corruption in the the tank created by the Abyssal Realm. He squares off with Ivan Baccara and Selena Rend only to be defeated and sealed in the abyss.

Kay McVay

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