Jax Erlin



Character Details
Red Hair. Thick beard

Master Swordsman:
Jax Erlin has a Katana and knows how to use it. While he is superb in all elements of swordsmanship, Jax truly excels at guarding, deflecting medium-size projectiles, and finishing strikes. He can easily defeat more than 5 thugs using his Sword skills alone.

Lighting Reflexes:
Jax Erlin knows how to dodge, think clearly in stressful situations and make detailed plans in the blink of an eye. In addition to these abilities he is also quite athletic, and able to perform astonishing acrobatic feats as well.

Eyes that cut through Lies:
Jax Erlin is able to tell a persons intentions towards himself and others just by looking at him. He will know if a person is attempting to kill him, telling a falsehood, or has an ulterior motive. He is also able to tell people with honest intentions apart from people who society would really be better off without.

On the move
Players/NPCs cannot target NPC’s that are close or related to you to use as leverage because you are always on the move and keeping your personal life a mystery.

Jax gains a +2RS vs another player facing him alone


Jax Erlin is a vigilante with a strong moral compass and sense of right. He’s not afraid to make powerful enemies, but at the same time knowledgeable that people close to him might become targets for particularly cunning enemies. Therefore, he doesn’t stick to one place for very long, instead choosing to move about the city helping those in need.

Jax Erlin

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