Ivan Baccara



Character Details
Spiked chains tightly wrapped around ninja gauntlets on forearms and knee padded high boots but wrapped loosely and sparsely around the torso.
Always wears tattered black knee-low cloak with hood covering head and shoulders but not the rest of torso.
Glowing white demented and malicious pupil-less eyes glaring from under the hood; ragged graying-black beard stretches to collar bones; chin and jaw protrudes from hood a little
Leather belt with various pouches, tools and other sinister devices of the ninjutsu repertoire
An ever accompanying incorporeal benevolent motherly spirit always behind and barely noticeable


Ivan has the ability to sense and manipulate the raw energy the drives all living beings also commonly known as the life force, soul, will, spirit etc. He can manipulate it in ways such as but not limited to transferring the life of one target to another invigorating one while enfeebling the other, detecting the presence of targets with this type of energy signature, transferring life force to a target animating it, transferring his own life force into a target and imposing his will into it, ect…

Ivan can move through, sense and manipulate other dimensional spaces in ways such as but not limited to moving on another spacial dimension’s axis, observing and manipulating one or multiple dimensional axes from another, manipulating relative target distances, changing the dimensional axis point around a target relative to other dimensional axes, ect…

Modified Ninjutsu Black Market Tools
A martial art that focuses on stealth, espionage, and assassination using various instruments and mechanisms exclusive to the art. Ivan has mastered the martial art of Ninjutsu to such a degree that he has incorporated the use of his mutant abilities into the art form and taken it to the next level and can doctrine others in this ancient discipline.

Criminal Network
Using a vast amount of wealth taken from Fuuneochi inc, Ivan has successful created a criminal network consisting of many gangs and layers starting with the inner circle that is himself and others. Gangs will not even know of the inner circle until they have proven themselves.

NPC Ally
GATE child patient #37 Codenamed ā€œ Knelllā€ (Rank: Low)

GATE Research
You possess advanced Knowledge of GTypes



Ivan was born in the Waste District or otherwise known as The Bayou of Gamma Haven. His mother ,Rose Baccara, while she was on an espionage mission for her “Hanami Clan”, caught the eye of the rival “Kusarigama Clan” leader, Oroku Shinigami , and intentionally seduced him into believing that she was just a mere peasant girl. Oroku took her as his lover producing Ivan. She lived with Oroku until Ivan was born.

After Rose attained the information required by her clan and assassinating Oroku by means of basilisk poison , she knew her mission was complete except for Ivan who she knew must be killed being of mixed clan blood as her clan would never accept his existence much less as one of their own. As she stood there holding a blade to Ivan’s throat, something inside her changed and she decided to spare Ivan. She knew that both clan’s would soon be after her and her child so she turned to a nomadic life of exile within the sewers and abandoned metro tunnels under Haven and raised Ivan in the foul darkness where few dare to tread.

At around 6 years old, Ivan began to leave the sewers to the streets above using the skills his mother had taught him over the years stealing and scheming whatever resources he could to better their quality of life. Ivan loved the city and especially the people. He reveled in playing tricks and fooling them out of their goods. For him it was too easy, he was a natural deceiver. He loved to get the people to chase him just to disappear like a ghost. He would chuckle to himself as he would stay just outside of their peripheral vision as they looked for the boy that just nabbed their cred stick. For him it was good sport.

At the age of 13, Ivan saw something that he had only seen in one other place before on his mother’s kimono, flowers. He was awestruck at all the vibrant colors on the traveling merchants cart. He took as many as he could carry recklessly rushing back down to their camp in the tunnels below to give his mother this wonderful gift unintentionally leading Kusarigama Clan spies to their location.

The Kusarigama Clan wasted no time in getting revenge on Rose, and later that day, before they could move their camp, they ambushed Rose and Ivan who were no match and quickly overwhelmed. Rose was forced to watch as Ivan was maimed, tortured and blinded and in turn Ivan was forced to helplessly listen to his mother’s screams, as she was brutally raped and killed. With a blade to his throat, Ivan was about to be finished off, until as if the darkness itself came to life, suddenly snatched up all the clan members at once and pulled them away and quickly silenced them.

Ivan alone and his spirit crushed, began to hear whispers which seemed to be coming from all around him, and though he could not understand it, seemed strangely comforting. He went into a deep sleep, and when he awoke found himself floating in the Abyss and he had aged significantly. He began to see to spirits all around him and began to comprehend the whispers. His mutations were manifesting.

The 77th Cycle Season 1
Ivan is a manifestation of the Abyssal Realm which is a force that corrupts the tank and corrodes the code and progress of the experiments within. Ivan slowly corrupts the inhabitants in the tank including Void Makai Fuuneochi.

Ivan Baccara

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