Ivan Baccara

Rank: High


Spiked chains tightly wrapped around ninja gauntlets on forearms and knee padded high boots but wrapped loosely and sparsely around the torso.
Always wears tattered black knee-low cloak with hood covering head and shoulders but not the rest of torso.
Glowing white demented and malicious pupil-less eyes glaring from under the hood; ragged graying-black beard stretches to collar bones; chin and jaw protrudes from hood a little
Leather belt with various pouches, tools and other sinister devices of the ninjutsu repertoire
An ever accompanying incorporeal benevolent motherly spirit always behind and barely noticeable

The ability to sense and manipulate the raw energy the drives all living beings also commonly known as the life force, soul, will, spirit etc

The ability to move through, sense and manipulate other dimensional spaces

Modified Ninjutsu
A martial arts which focuses on stealth, espionage and assassination

Criminal Network
Using a vast amount of wealth taken from Fuuneochi inc, Ivan has successful created a criminal network consisting of many gangs and layers starting with the inner circle that is himself and Undead Makai. Gangs will not even know of the inner circle until they have proven themselves.


Binds Makai in an Abyssal Contract

Ivan Baccara

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