Fire aka Kai Excalibur

Rank: High


Character Details
Hair color changes to red when using fire powers
Wears a red/orange costume made from chemicals created to resist extreme temperatures. His superhero name is Fire
He uses an old volcanic science lab as a base of operations outside the main city
Self centered and always looking out for himself
Child prodigy and is currently only 18.

Temperature Manipulation Unnatural Gas Nano Tech
Create and manipulate temperatures (fire balls, elemental shields, reducing core temperatures). Also can omit lethal and toxic fumes.

He can fly using fire

Science Genius
Expert in multiple sciences including chemistry, physics, and thermodynamics

Burning Bond
The bond between Fire and his daughter Rose Excalibur is unbreakable.


The 77th Cycle Season 1
Fire is used as an enforcer by The Instigator to make sure Emerald Prophecy is fulfilled. He is barely successful and is given his daughter back as a reward.

Fire aka Kai Excalibur

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