Dizzy Wizard



The Dizzy Wizard was once himself a Dizzy Wiz Fizz, but he became a living humanoid being in an accident related to the Gamma Calamity. He is a saccharine gentleman with handsome features and a dramatic personality. His physical body does not change due to the nature of his origins and remains in its prime, sickly state. The Wizard does not age, and in fact, he doesn’t need to eat anything except for delectable desserts or sugary nourishment. He prefers, however, to eat exclusively Dizzy Wiz Fizz brand products, as they give him power. He is extremely kind to good-hearted people, but that kindness can be a rare sight because of the nature of Gamma Haven. The Dizzy Wizard lives to spread the generosity of confectionery delight and promote the Dizzy Wiz Fizz brand.

He greats people with kindness and charity, he smells delicious, and he is incredibly handsome.

Flavor Capacity
After the supreme sorcerer of sweets consumes a Dizzy Wiz Fizz product, he temporarily surges with an ability related to the flavor of the consumed item.

He has unmatched charm and charisma. Everybody loves this guy.

He can liquefy into a fizzy soda at will, because the Dizzy Wiz Fizz brand contains a line of sodas along with their different candies.


Dizzy Wizard

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