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Gamma Haven S2 E2 "Gray"

Gamma Haven S2 E2 “Gray” Summary

Rank: The player’s rank at the time vs the opposing rank prior to modifications.
Goal: The player’s general goal/objective
Modifiers: Bonuses/penalties affecting odds
Roll: The ranks AFTER modifiers and the result. Anything under the middle number is a success, anything over is a fail.
Outcome: Narrative rewards gained and rank changes

Event Arcs

The GATE Response Team
In response to the meteor crash. GATE hits the scene to protect and save those in danger. Assist GATE if you wish to join. Oppose to make a statement.

Rank: High vs High
Goal: Defend those in need, Assist Gate, Reunite with Tempus and learn what he knows.
++Major reinforcements/-Outnumbered
Roll: Incredible vs Exceptional
Odds: 11/55/92 Result: 23 — Yes
Outcome: Rank Up Exceptional

Jeremiah Oliver
Rank: Below Average vs High
Goal: Support GATE through the event
+Tempus’s plan / Major reinforcements / The Unexpected
Roll: High vs Exceptional
Odds: 7/35/88 Result: 14 -
Outcome:Rank up Average

Shiro Aoi
Rank: Average vs High
Goal: Assist and become known to GATE
Modifiers: Secret Base Intel /Looper Kin Support
Roll: High vs High
Odds: 10/50/91 Result: 38 — Yes
Outcome: Rank Up Above Average

Nivil Thrin Dorn
Rank: Average vs High
Goal: Become allies with GATE, and save people
Modifiers:++ Mutation suited for protecting others/-Outnumbered
Roll: High vs Exceptional
Odds: 7/35/88 Result: 9 — Yes
Outcome: Rank Up Above Average

Looper Kin
Rank: Average vs High
Goal: Assist GATE
Modifiers: + WWC Training/ + Shiro and GATE assisted
Roll: High vs High
Odds: 13/65/94 Result: 60 — Yes
Outcome: Rank Up Above Average

The 78th Gamma Calamity
A giant meteor hit Haven City triggering the mutations that lie deep within everyone. This event will pit you up against a threat as the world around your character is changing.

Marshall Mesa
Rank: Average vs High
Goal: Protect employees, neighbors and merchandise from harm.
Modifiers: + Awakened mutation/ + Panic Room/ + Jacob’s Support/ – Confusion
Roll: Exceptional vs Exceptional
Odds: 10/50/91
Result: 44 — Yes
Outcome: Rank up Above Average

Lord Bayrinth
Rank: Average vs Exceptional
Goal: Usurp the biggest bad guy, Manipulate, Locate the Instigator
Modifier:+Perfect ability set to do so/ + Servi Dei in disarray/ – Incredibly secret cult
Roll: Exceptional vs Awesome
Odds: 7/35/88
Result: 31 — Yes
Outcome: Rank up Above Average

Life Changing
A group of friends begin to mass mutate together and in the confusion of their new form they pose harm to themselves as well as everyone else.

Jacob Bastion
Rank: Average vs Average
Goal: Protect people and escort them to GATE
Modifiers: + Equipped/ Chaos
Roll: Odds: 10/50/91 Result: 21 -
Outcome: Rank up Above Average

Rank: High vs Average
Goal: Use empathic ability to recruit good gtypes to GATE
Modifiers: +Atlas Support/ +Third eye future prepped
Odds: 18/90/99 Result: 47 — Yes
Outcome: Rank up Exceptional

*Made a call to move Eponi to this event as it didn’t affect her goal.
Rank: Average vs Average
Goal: Survive in Haven City
Modifiers: none
Roll:Odds: 10/50/91 Result: 5 — EXCEPTIONAL YES
Outcome: Rank up Above Average

Story Events

Mistress Scorn
Rank: Average vs --
Goal: Offer deal/alliance to Anarchy in return for The Instigator
Modifiers: -
Roll: -
Outcome: Instigator escapes. Anarchy has deal on table

Anarchy XII
Rank: Awesome vs low
Goal: Reverse engineer Maira’s mutation, probe Instigator’s mind
Modifiers: +++Light work
Roll: Odds: 24/120/0 Result: 55 — Yes
Outcome: Obtained special technology from Maire, learned some of what Instigator knows (at least what matters for now). New offer on table from Mistress Scorn

The Instigator
Rank: Average vs low
Goal: Use bodiless to free brother from prison
Modifiers: +Undetected/ +Perfect ability
Roll: Odds: 19/95/100 Result: 47 — Yes
Outcome: Breaks out brother, gets left behind due to run in with Anarchy but escapes

Maire Dare
Rank: Below Average vs high
Goal: Escape Anarchy’s prison
Modifiers: Instigator’s help/++ Facilitator’s help/ -Nullifier bands and prison
Roll: Odds: 10/50/91 Result: 31 -
Outcome: Escaped with Instigator

Edin Hargrave
Rank: Average vs low
Goal: Investigate paranormal events occuring and locate trinkets of interest
Modifiers: +Light work
Roll: Odds: 17/85/98 Result: 84 — Yes
Outcome: Investigation lead to discovering and rescuing a pioneer and awakening own mutation

Selena Rend
Rank: Above Average vs low
Goal: Enchant for Ivan in return gaining criminal network support for growing brothel chain
Modifiers: ++Easy task
Roll: Odds: 19/95/100 Result: 46 — Yes
Outcome: Successful and deal granted

Kay McVay
Rank: Average vs Above Average
Goal: Escape using Selena’s volatile disposition toward Ivan
Modifiers: – Selena is wise and old/ Abyssal realm is debilitating/ +Edin Support/Realm Travel Expertise
Roll: Odds: 11/55/92 Result: 36 -
Outcome: Rescued by Edin and now free

Rank: Above Average vs Low
Goal: Visit Lovo and get more info on device to prepare for coming tribulation
Modifiers: +Lovo Tech knowledge/ +Deja vu
Roll: Odds: 19/95/100 Result: 25 — Yes
Outcome: Lovo will have an update for you the next time you see him. With a bonus if you manage to bring a advance tech expert (Player or NPC)

Rank: Below Average vs -———
Goal: Ally with Deftude and receive training
Modifiers: ++Deftude has his plans
Roll: -——-
Outcome: Deftude restores Rez to his true state

Nom Ke Ai
Rank: Above Average vs Low
Goal: Figure what Deftude wants with Rez
Modifiers: ++Trusted by Deftude
Roll: Odds: 19/95/100 Result: 49 — Yes
Outcome: Learned of his plans, and a more about mind cards (Trapping personas)

Zdravko Mas
Rank: Above Average vs Low
Goal: Recruit new Gtypes
Modifiers: Meta Knowledge/ +Underground knowledge/+Feared
Roll: Odds: 19/95/100 Result: 86 — Yes
Outcome: Recruited the Wang Gang

Poke Turner
Rank: Above Average vs High
Goal: Destroy means of the tank ever being reset again
Modifiers: ++Perfect ability to achieve this/ + Meta knowledge
Roll: Odds: 15/75/96 Result: 72 — Yes
Outcome: Successfully stole and destroyed key to tank controls

Rank: Average vs low
Goal: Searching for lost past (Tagging along with leader he trusts)
Modifiers: +Linked with great leader
Roll: Odds: 17/85/98 Result: 66 — Yes
Outcome: Assisted Sister Wyrd with her goal

Rank: Below Average vs Average
Goal: Pacify those around her, link empathically with followers
Modifiers: Follower’s support/ +Aura Vitae
Roll: Odds: 15/75/96 Result: 42 — Yes
Outcome: Pacified and rescued powerful GType Rtype X

RType X
Rank: Superhuman vs --
Goal: Awaken and free self
Modifiers: +Poke Turner/ +Sister Wyrd
Roll: -
Outcome: Freedom with Sister Wyrd

Ivan Baccarra
Rank: High vs Low
Goal: Have Selena enchant special cloak for him
Modifiers: +Light work for Selena
Roll: Odds: 19/95/100 Result: 81 — Yes
Outcome: Acquired Cloak that provides keyword “Conceal”

Village Episode 3 Summary & Rewards Sheet

The settlement has come under attack by a horde of freaks who trailed the search party back to the school. The third floor was unchecked revealing that windows were open allowing freaks to climb in accompanied by a new mysterious threat the settlers have yet to find out about. To top it all off, the settlement is also attacked by a Heaven Lancer, a machine gone rogue and wandering the land for reasons unknown.
The strength, courage and fortitude of the settlers allowed them to overcome these trials without any casualties and endure the Heaven Lancer and Freak Attack for now but at a cost.
Two of the settlement’s most prominent leaders members Connor and Tao have sacrificed their well being for the sake of the settlement and end up displaced and held captive in a newfound settlement to the North where they meet David Murphy, an astronaut who recently returned home.

Brian Bull Fuller
Chose Safekeepers because Bull has a hard time hurting things and felt he would be better on the defensive as opposed to the offensive with Raven and Deacan, He also views his people as family. Bull’s admirer Florence, the kleptomaniac views him as not only a beautiful mountain of a man, but also a hero and realizes that Bull is a true protector.
Bull was a major factor in getting the survivors from point A to point B safe, as well as blocked the stragglers that didn’t follow Tao and Connor.
Brian was pushed to the limits by his circumstances and Jack’s encouragement and had to kill the freaks in order to survive.

New Bond:
Florence is in love with Bull and will do anything for him. To compensate for her insecurities she tends to provide Bull with things she thinks he could use. Whether it’s stolen or not, Bull will never know. Should Bull delve into the heart of Florence he may learn some things about the world and himself.

Freak Bites
Bull has multiple freak bites on his body. They itch.

Mental Effect: Trauma
Bull was pushed to do something he is having a hard time coping with. This leaves him mentally shaken, more so when in the presence of Jack for she is a reminder. It is impossible to Concentrate until this is remedied.

Chose Safe Keepers with the goal of transporting survivors through his secret passageways without alerting anyone. This resulted in a good portion of would be victims to be brought to safety. Khalin’s cautious nature deterred him from being placed in harm’s way and would could have been trouble for him was completely avoided.

Lost Item: Amidst all of the chaos a survivor dropped and left behind something incredibly valuable to them. What this is, is up to you but when returned to this person during settlement life, you will gain a great friendship with an NPC.
Khalin is known as a sneaky little fellow but has never given anyone a reason to distrust him. However Florence is a kleptomaniac and her deeds are being blamed on Khalin causing some tension in the settlement. Clear your name Khalin.

Earl Birmingham
Chose Safe Keepers with the intention of being a prominent leading force, getting the settlers safe and bringing out the best in everyone through prayer and leadership.
Ryan Quinn is a very scrappy survivalist and with Earl’s inspirational display of leadership Ryan was able to overcome the odds. We could even speculate it was the Almighty One tilting his scales. Earl also stepped up in a critical time of need and injected himself with Dr. Wainwright’s homebrew medicines. The instant effects gave him a boost of adrenaline to perform a very physical yet heroic act. He sacrificed himself.

¼ of the of the entire settlement (NPC) are now devout Almighty One Believers. A few could even be considered mystified. They respect Earl and view him as a model believer.

Bio Meds Side Effect:
Earl’s old body had a unexpected reaction to the medicine. The player of Dr Wainwright will come up with its effects.

Fractured Hip:
Earl is crippled right now.

In and out of a haze from the drugs, Earl received a vision and is inspired to start a radio station for not only the spreading of the word of the almighty one across the land, but also for the sharing of thoughts and opinions of the settlers.

Chose to assist on the 3rd Floor. She ended up being a support beam for Tao and Coonar and was able to execute Connor’s plan by gathering help to defend the 2nd floor stairwell from stragglers who didnt follow connor and Tao. Jack landed killing blows on floored freaks and push Bull into doing the unimaginable. Without Jack’s support, Bull would not have lasted, and many including her could have been killed.

Minor Bruises:
Jack is small and weak. She’s 12 years old. Being tackled by a freak hurt, and it managed to pull off her helmet. It reminded her that thins can get crazy if the first line of defense fails.

Heaven Lancer Metal:
Jack identifies leftover metal from the creature as potential salvage material

Chose Safe Keepers because everyone was away doing their separate things and she didn’t want to panic by being alone. The settlement’s success was also possible due to Harmony’s picking up on all the threats and their locations which lead to Connor having an opportunity develop plan, analise and deacan to seal the back door and to locate the best isolated location for the survivors based off of where the threats were originating from. Analisse provided much needed support for protecting the settlers.

Analisse is frustrated with Harmony’s ability to survive and may have let show more than intended. There is some tension between the two causing some self doubt in Harmony.

Analisse’s Hand:
Analisse’s hand is mangled with severe bite marks.

Heaven Lancer Metal:
Harmony has an eye for potential mechanical boons and sees a lot of use for the leftover metal from the creature.

Deacan Myers and Raven
Both chose The Visitor in order to defend the settlement from a major threat. Both of these characters are abnormal and considered above average humans in various capacities. Athletics and training from their previous careers of dealing with uncommon circumstances gave them better odds. Raven was able to conform to Deacan’s tactics and become one of the best partners he’s ever fought with. She was able to keep Deacan’s head in the game as any hesitation could spell death against a Heaven Lancer. Deacan is a tactician and actually ran counter tactics that exploited the haywire Heaven Lancer’s malfunctioning A.I.
The two were not able to defeat it due to their weapons, but did manage to endure it until it fled.

Growing Bond: Deacan and Raven
Ex Agents
Deacan and Raven are intrigued and impressed by each other. Their curiosity of each other’s pasts drive them a bit as each always speculated and heard myths about each other’s previous occupations.

Raven’s injures:
Raven was quite the distraction and resulted in a lot of close calls. Painful calls.
Broken Ribs
Raven has 2 broken ribs, one on each side.

Dr Wainwright
Chose Safekeepers with the intentions of securing the medical equipment and keeping the settlement educated about the freaks. Everything was happening at once and even under the pressure of an invasion the Dr was able to perform his duties. Dr Wainwright tries to avoid using weapons unless under dire circumstances. The Dr was weaponless and unequpped to face the charging freak, but thanks to the expiremental meds lying around, Earl was able to step in juiced up on them and defend everyone for a moment.The Dr being the only medical expert was able to begin patching up the survivors.

Injured Settlers:
Dr Wainwright is needed now more than ever. Im planning some big problems for the players and characters unless these wounds can be treated.. The success of treatment will lead to a BIG medical discovery for the Dr.. Even better, if you manage to pair up with Tao Yang in treating these wounds you both will receive a bigger reward.
Analisse’s manlged hand
Raven’s broken ribs
Bull’s freak bites
Earl’s hip

Experimental Medicine Discovery:
The use of your medicine on Earl has given you the final puzzle piece. Spending time putting it together during settlement life will lead to a complete and limited concoction.

Knowledge of Heaven Lancer
Dr Wainwright has some knowledge of the Heaven Lancer because he witnessed it in all it’s glory. The Dr may have something more to contribute to the plans of dealing with it’s return.
Your plans will provide an advantage.

Danny Berland
Chose Settlement Life which was interesting because despite all that was going we have to rememebr that there are settlers still trying to live life in all the chaos. Danny had to take time to spend it with his little sister and to watch over her. He also supported whenever he could but took it slow so he could heal.

What Happened with Arianna
Utilize 1 settlement life to spend time trying to connect and learn from Arianna what happened d”that day”. This is theraputi and gettign to ohe bottom of it will do good for her and you as well. It may require some relevant skills to learn her truths. Players who assist will be able to share a great reward from this.

Ryan Quinn
Chose safe keepers with full intention of pushing himself to his limits and protect everyone with no concern for his own safety. The was displayed in a courageous endeavor taking on 3 freaks at once in the cafeteria with brutal wildman tactics and was incredibly successful.

New Perk:
Family (Vin Diesel Voice)
Ryan now realizes there is more to live for and protect. In critical situations against odds, Ryan gains a boost when protecting an NPC.

Ryan is very curious about Florence’s little brother’s mention of a settlement up North. Should he look into this? This is a plothook.

Connor and Tao
Both chose 3rd floor with the intention of protecting the settlement. Tao Yang’s goal was to support Connor and Connor’s goal was to lure the freaks away from the survivors and out of the school even if it meant sacrificing himself. Tao Yang defended Connar buying him enough to create the plan that saved the settlement.
The both end up at another settlement where they meet David Murphy, a new character who recently returned from a space mission. It is here they are held captive in prep to meet the settlement’s leader.

Connor’s Heroism
The settlement learned of your heroic plan to sacrifice your life and many of the settlers would vote for you as leader if they knew you were alive.

Tao Yang’s Intuition and Wisdom
Tao senses something strange about the new settlement he’s captive in. This is a key plot hook. Alot is in your hands.

Heaven Lance Material
The strange creature left behind parts of itself. If someone saves some for you, you could utilize it as well.

Village Episode 2 Summary & Rewards Sheet

The settlement sends a party to investigate the woods and discover tree spirits lurking around the school. In addition they discover a small building and tunnel that leads somewhere….
Back at the settlement, Harmony, Jack, and Danny finish the security system as well as spend some time together. After the search party arrives to the school, they are met by a mysterious presence at the school doors trying to get in.

Reward Key:
*Growing bonds= Potential for a Bond if pursued further
*Settlement favor= Settlement’s disposition toward you. Gaining favor boosts the overall impact of your contributions involving the settlement.

Tao Yang:
-Full understanding of the Tree Spirit threat and corruption curse
-Growing Bond: Deacan Myers

Earl Birmingham
-Settlement favor+
-Growing Bond :Tao Yang

Ryan Quinn
-Discovered 2 big military crates (1 seclusive resource will be just for Ryan)

Joe Mason
-More aware of corruption in self thanks to Tao Yang. Slows down its effect on you.
-Growing Bond: Ryan Quinn

-Completed Security System (Better Base Defenses/Awareness)
-Settlement favor+
-Growing Bond: Jack

-Growing Bond: Deacan Myers
-Growing Bond: Raven

-Set up armory
-Settlement Favor+
-Growing Bond: Harmony

Danny Berland
-On the road to healing (Must keep face from harm)
-Completed Security System
-Settlement Favor ++
-Growing Bonds: Harmony
-Growing Bonds: Bull
-Growing Bonds: Randy

Randy Parson
-Completed makeshift computer (Please send lore on it’s capabilities)
-Bond Earned: Danny (See Bonds or your character sheet)

Brian “Bull” Fuller
-Settlement favor +
-Growing Bond: Florence

Jonny Mason
-Settlement favor +
-Bond Earned: Joe Mason
-Growing Bond: Bull
-Growing Bond: Danny

-Gained full trust of settlement
-Settlement favor +
-Has partial knowledge of the incoming potential threat

Tamara Ramos
-Bond Earned: Bull

Entire Settlement Rewards:
-Notification/Alert system
-Full armory
-Slight preparedness for potential threat
-New Location Discovered: Underground Tunnel



S1EP4: Torn City

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